my approach


Each family is different.  It is important to find routines and processes that work for your instead of trying to fit your life into a routine that was meant for someone else.  Every (or almost every) piece of advice, book, or theory has some elements that will work for your family and some that will not. I am not overly crunchy, nor am I a baby drill sergeant. My goal is to find balance between the various approaches and help your family discover what works best in your unique situation. In all stages of your journey, I hope to be a resource as you learn to navigate the wild world of parenthood.  


certifications and credentials 

  • 10 + Years of Experience with Newborns

  • Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED (American Red Cross)

  • Advanced Child Care Training (American Red Cross)

  • Postpartum Doula (DONA International)

  • Baby Care Instructor with Momease and GW Hospital

  • Certified Train the Trainer of Abriendo Puertas Parenting Curriculum 

  • Licensed and Certifed Teacher 

  • Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education



a little more about me

Although my interest in little ones started much earlier, I received my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Clemson University.  After Clemson, I taught 4 year old kindergarten at a public school in South Carolina before relocating to DC and returning to my first love; newborns.  I took a position as a live-in nanny for an amazing family with a newborn and his 4 year old sibling, and was introduced to my first real taste of Postpartum Care.  I was able to work with and learn from other professionals in the newborn community. I then moved on to a local non profit and worked with expecting families and children up to age three as a home visitor/parent educator. 


I decided to continue my parenting education journey by becoming a certified Postpartum Doula and focusing on guiding parents through the first few weeks of life with baby.  Over my years of experience in this field, I have helped families of many different structures and needs; including two parent homes, same sex couples, single parents,  families created through surrogates and adoption, and children with special needs. I have worked with many organizations, hospitals, playgroups, and professionals in this area and make sure to keep my fingers on the pulse of the vibrant DC parenting community.   


In addition to working with new families, I am also the co-owner of Lemon Tree Playgroup where I direct all parent programs.


When I am not working with other families, I'm tightly wrapped around the fingers of my four neices and nephews.  I am thankful to their parents for letting me experiment with their childhood on a regular basis... and also for allowing them to start their modeling careers for When the Bun is Done's website.