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new parent's group

When the Bun is Done is thrilled to be teaming up with Lemon Tree Playgroup to offer a group for first time parents.  Parent groups are a great way for new parents to meet other parents, get answers on issues they are facing, connect with resources and learn about what to expect out of parenthood in the coming months. 

Throw your little one in that new Baby Bjorn and come join us for coffee, snacks, the answeres to all of those questions you've been dying to ask someone!

Who:       Parents of Newborn to 6 months 

When:    Wednesdays from 1:00PM to 3:00PM

Where:    Lemon Tree Cooperative Playgroup (U Street/Adams Morgan)

Price:      $250 for 8 weeks


Spring Session: March 18th to May 20th

Summer Session: May 27th to July 29th 


Session topic will include:

- Newborn Sleep

- Developmental Milestones/Infant Development

- Feeding Schedules and Techniques

- Soothing Techniques

- Figuring out Child Care

- Getting the most out of your Relationship with your Pediatrician

- Fitness after Baby

- Nutrition for Breastfeeding

- Relationships with Partners, Friends, and Family post Baby

- Stay at Home Parent Schedule/Balancing Work and Baby Life

- How to Pump at Work and in Public

- Activities with Baby at Home

- How to set up a Schedule

- Taking care of yourself;  Knowing signs of depression

- What’s Next? Schedules for the next few months, area classes, etc


Guest speakers will include a dietician/personal trainer and more!


*Coffee and light snacks will be provided weekly.

**A book of area resources is included.


Meeting Schedule

1:00 to 1:30 – Coffee and Social

1:30 to 2:30 – Topic Time

2:30 to 3:00 – Questions and Discussion


Inquire about registration via Email or visit the Lemon Tree Plagyroup Website for more information.




caring for baby workshop

Wish you remembered, or paid better attention, during the baby care classes and books pre-baby? Many new parents could benefit from a refresher course or some hand holding now that they have a real life baby on their hands.  Find out easier ways to do this, what those products are actually for, and get your questions answered.

We have all of the supplies to practice with!  Just bring your little one and join us for a Saturday morning full of "is this normal" and "will you show me how to..." 


Topics will include:

- Effective Swaddling

- Tips on bathing, trimming nails, nose suctioning, skin care, diapering...

- Soothing techniques

- How to actually use your baby wrap/carrier

- Parent driven Q & A


Where:    Lemon Tree Cooperative Playgroup (U Street/Adams Morgan)

When:     2nd Saturday of Each Month

Price:      $75 per couple

Workshop Dates:

Saturday, March 14th

Saturday, April 11th

Saturday, May 9th 


Inquire about registration via Email or visit the Lemon Tree Plagyroup Website for more information.