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  • Postpartum Care

  • Registry Assistance

  • Setting up Nursery 

  • Sleep Assistance

  • Child Care Consulting

  • Sibling Support

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Baby Proofing

  • Overnight Care

  • Setting up Baby Ready Home


Packages offer the most bang for your buck.  They are a consolidated grouping of services that are individually designed to suit your family's new stage of life.  Below are packages of services that are most commonly requested by families. 

Please contact for more information on pricing and how we can make a package fit your needs.  


*To find out a more detailed description of what a service includes, please click the question mark.   


Just a Few Questions (Phone Consultation)


Need just a few tips?  

From advice on the things you actually need to register for, to what kind of child care will work best for your family's schedule (nanny/nanny-share/aupair/day care) we can discuss all of your questions via phone and email.  After initially establishing your goals we will work together with:

  • one hour phone call (or two shorter phone calls)

  • follow up email exchanges on any additional questions.  


*Contact for Pricing

Preparing for Baby (4 to 8 hours)


After an initial meeting or phone consultation, we will work on the following:

  • Assistance with registry - What do you really need?

  • Nursery organization and set up

  • Create baby friendly spaces in home

  • Tips on baby care basics

  • Book of resources

  • Visit and postpartum care when baby arrives

*Prices starting at $160

Welcome Home (12 to 24 hours)

Three to Six visits over the span of a few weeks (each visit is usually 4 hours) to help your family get into a routine, and provide tips and support.

  • Postpartum Support

  • Nursery set up and organization

  • Create baby friendly spaces in home

  • Book of resources

  • Check in emails

  • What's next? (tips on what to expect the next few months, Mommy and Me classes, local groups, etc.)

*Prices starting at $360

Full Postpartum Care

A lengthier Postpartum and baby care. Typically 3 to 4 days a week (broken in to 4 hour sessions).

  • Postpartum Support

  • A routine and schedule created to work with the family's needs

  • Nursery set up and organization

  • Baby friendly spaces created in home

  • Book of resources

  • Check in emails

  • What's next? (tips on what to expect the next few months, Mommy and Me classes, local groups, etc.)


*Contact for pricing

Overnight Care

Sometimes all new parents really need is sleep.  

If you need a night or two (or three or four) to catch up on rest, overnight care can be a lifesaver.


Overnight care is typically from 10:00PM to 7:00AM

In the case of breastfeeding mothers, Mom will only be woken for feeding and sent back to sleep.

*Prices starting at $150

A Little Bit of Everything

A build your own package with registery assistance, Postpartum and newborn Care, Child Care consulting, and Overnights. 

World's Greatest Baby Shower Gift

Register for a list of services that would be helpful to you, or gift them to an expectant mother.  

Sometimes the greatest thing to give a new parent is an extra set of hands.  By gifting services you can ensure they can have a nights rest, breastfeeding assistance, or even reassurance.  If we can't help, we can work with our partners to ensure you have everything you need!


Click Here to set up your Registry or purchase services for expectant parents.  


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